Xtreme F-16 Jet Fighter Intense Water Skiing


Regular water skiing not enough? Speed boats are soooo 2009. Be towed behind an F-16 Fighter Jet for the ultimate in water skiing experience – intense water skiing. Reach speeds of over 400km/h and stay airborne for more than 30 seconds.

Your day will begin by suiting up into a specially designed aerodynamic suit (supplied by MorphSuits.com.au) and hitting the wind/water chamber simulation with Lieutenant Johnny “Pink Skirt” Thompson. (Johnny is affectionately known as “Pink Skirt” after losing a bet against a fellow Lieutenant and was made to wear a pink skirt over his uniform for a week while on deployment in the Persian Gulf. Please feel free to ask him about this hilarious story during your experience.)

Once you’re ready to rock and/or roll, you assume your starting position as the fighter jet gradually accelerates to 400 km/h. It will take up to 20 attempts to get up to top speed but once you are there you will find it relatively easy to hold on and feel the thrill of up to 30 seconds air time where you can pull off awesome tricks such as the Backside Air Raley and 2880 degree spins.

You will be given 30 minutes on the water and then be picked up by boat for your 9.5 hour journey back to the starting point.

Experience Highlights

  • Learn the secrets of Intense Water Skiing
  • 2 hours in training with a former US Navy Pilot
  • Reach speeds up to 400km/h
  • 30 minutes on the water behind the jet fighter

Some Background

Intense Water Skiing (I.W.S.) was founded by US Navy Pilots during a deployment in the Persian Gulf for Operation Southern Watch in 1998. Temperatures aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln were so high that the ships’ personnel would take day trips to Kish Island (known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf) and spend their downtime water skiing.

For a fighter pilot however, water skiing was not thrilling enough. With their Commander’s unofficial approval, a group of 8 Naval Pilots set-off on what was officially referred to as “training exercises” and began towing one another behind the Fighter Jet on water ski’s. It took more than 3 months to become successful but they eventually found the secret to Intense Water Skiing.

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