Xtreme Giraffe Bath


The latest in beauty treatments, all the way from the African Sahara, is the Giraffe Bath. Used by ancient tribes for centuries, it has finally been brought to the spas of Australia for your enjoyment. Experience the miracle healing and skin firming qualities of the saliva on a giraffe’s tongue.Giraffes are commonly known for their unusually long tongue and tendency to lick their way through the world like an inquisitive child in their developmental years, which is why they are wonderful at administering a healing ‘bath’.

Many biologists postulate that the saliva found in giraffe’s mouths is used to help repair wounds on their tongues sustained by eating prickly acacia trees. It is this saliva that will do wonders. Proven to reduce all signs of puffiness from your face and cellulite from other parts of your body, your skin will be restored to its once great baby-like state. Further to this, clients have also reported a reduction in back-aches, migraines and digestive problems post treatment.

The treatment includes:

  • A 15 minute skin consultation – be sure to inform the giraffe of your ticklish areas as this may inhibit relaxation during your treatment.
  • Suspension in a comfortable abseil type swing and winching approximately 5 meters above the ground to allow the giraffe easy access to every crevasse of your body.
  • 60 minutes of sweeping strokes across your face and body from a 45-50cm giraffe tongue.
  • Relaxing herbal tea and organic treats.

For several months after your experience you’ll be boasting a youthful, peachy glow as your body continues to produce collagen. So book today and be one of the first to bask in this revolutionary treatment.

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