The Morning After… Cooking Class!


The morning after can be somewhat, er, awkward. Not to mention deciding what to do about breakfast! The Morning After Cooking Class gives you the skills you need to whip up a brekky in your own kitchen that will ensure that special ‘catch’ comes back for more, or that not-so-special catch does not.

REWIND: The milk is all gone, the bread is mouldy and the second heartbeat in your head is preventing you from even comprehending dragging your sorry self, let alone last night’s catch, four blocks to the closest cafe. With a sense of dread, you turn to your own kitchen…

FAST FORWARD: You’re at the Morning After Cooking Class, vowing that you’ll never again sit in mortal fear as X picks at his/her rock-hard eggs and blackened toast, wondering if you’ll ever hear from him/her again.

You commence the class learning about pre-breakfast exercises you can do to immediately sober up, sharpen your focus and get yourself on point to cooking a delicious breakfast. The exercises are inspired from tai chi and capoeira, only take five minutes and are vital to conduct before entering the kitchen after a night out.

Then it’s on to preparation. You’ll go through a list of 10 essential ingredients that, if you have them, are guaranteed make any breakfast taste divine and, most importantly, leave your breath FRESH!

Your host will also suggest some music you can play throughout breakfast to awaken the senses and set the mood for some kitchen cuddles.

You will then learn the art of carving ingredients into elegantly ’suggestive’ shapes to ensure your meal is aesthetically pleasing/memorable.

For the last part of the class you will learn how to cook something that will guarantee a dubious house guest will never return, which you can resort if you feel too mean to tell them directly.

Each participant will take home a suitably disguised cookbook detailing 20 delicious breakfasts you can make with your 10 essential ingredients.

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