Canine Architecture: Dog houses inspired by real buildings

A cardboard box. A blanket. A corner at the foot of the bed or couch. Any of these options was a possible answer to identify the “address” of the pet dog of the house. Time passes and each day brings new services targeted to the canines. From bath to acupuncture, spa to special food.

But some lucky pets can earn even neoclassical houses, miniature versions of the residence of the owner with modern architecture to house “his fleas.” A U.S. company called “Beyond the Crate” sells homes for dogs created by the studio “La Petite Maison,” which, depending on the details, can cost U$ 30,000.

Interior designer Michelle Polak says customers are celebrities, rich or just people who love their dogs. There are also those who want a beautiful ornament for the garden and not worry about whether or not the dog uses the pompous house.

“We have built dog houses for over twenty years. They can be made in any style, and be based on the home of the owners of the animal, “says Polak.

Small buildings have 4 to 12m² and variable heights. The finishing is meticulous and has wood or stone floors, lighting, and in some cases, heating.

High profile

The German “Best Friend’s Home” also builds houses for the best friend to cause envy to very grown man. The models based on real projects “for humans” have inspirations as diverse as typical of the houses within the U.S. or Sweden and straight lines of the Bauhaus.

Doria Keppler, one of the creators of the houses, says that customers are people who like good design and quality. The materials used are weather-resistant and glasses, unbreakable.

One of the more inventive creations is the hybrid between a rocking chair and a conventional house, created by Paul Kweton. This is certainly a niche market in constant expansion, but should not replace a good ride, the owner’s lap and cuddle. Oh, and it does give the expression “dog house” a whole new perspective as owners would not mind sleeping outside in one of these…

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