Youngster crashes car against church and, as a penalty, must go to mass

A judge ruled that a young man from Bahia must attend four Sunday masses because his car hit the wall of the church of the town of Maracas.

The incident occurred in January. The boy, now 18, was underage at the time and had no license when he crashed the car, which belongs to the mother.

In addition to going to the masses he will repair the damages of about $100 to the church.

The decision was made by Judge José Brandão Neto. According to the magistrate, the boy, who declared himself a Catholic, needs to get a paper receipt from the priest as proof that he attended the masses.

According to Netto, the young man will not be punished if he does not attend church. In any case, he followed the judge’s decision and was at the first Mass on Sunday. The reporter came in contact with the boy, but he declined to be interviewed.

For the lawyer Claudio Roberto Soares da Silva, an expert on children’s rights, the judge acted properly in determining the compensation for the injury, but he should have established a far more socio-educational penalty.

“It would be advisable to provide a service to the community, such as helping to maintain the church,” he said.

Now, I have a question. What if the boy had hit a hotel, a bakery or even a brothel?

It’s a rhetorical question, no answer needed…

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