Ugliest dog in the UK finds true love

Mugly, elected in 2005 the ugliest dog in the UK, thought he had found his true love in September last year, when he married Lola, a female dog from China, in a TV show.

But the dog, who is eight years old, has not met his wife since then, due to the long distance between them. Concerned, Mugly’s owner, Bev Nicholson, adopted Millie, a  four-year-old Yorkshirewho was up on a farm in Ireland. The couple since then is no longer isolated: the dogs sleep, eat and play together. “Millie is still a bit shaken and angry with us, but close to Mully she feels relaxed,” said the new owner.

Mugly, who has no hair (except mustaches, eyebrows and a strange tuft of hair atop his head), must wear clothes against the cold. “But Millie loves him for who he is,” said Nicholson’s wife.

Canine love is indeed beautiful!

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