Crazy/Brilliant ‘Life Hacks’

Once reserved for computer programmer tricks and shortcuts, “Life Hack” has become a great way to describe the clever/brilliant/ridiculous solutions to everyday dilemmas we see posted online. It’s hard to describe what a life hack really looks like, but let’s just say you know it when you see it. Take these pictures below, for example. Haven’t you ever struggled to fill a large bucket with water when only a small sink is available? Boom, dust pan solves the problem. Or have you ever wondered how to cool your beer when the refrigerator’s on the fritz? Boom, air conditioner to the rescue. We’re not saying all these would-be inventors are bound for “As Seen On TV” deals, but a few of these solutions are pretty brilliant. As for the rest, we’ll let you decide if these “hacks” are truly innovative or just accidents waiting to happen.

Janitorial Ingenuity


The Mac-rowave


No More Ruanaway Beers


Alternative A/C


Hot Saucer Squirter


We’ll Take the Basic Model


Plastic Storage Bin-Lovers Rejoice!


It Takes an Army


Cold Brew on a Budget


Ground Control to Carpool Lane Surveillance


Fight for the Right


No Car Jack Nedded


Solar Vehicle.0


Stationary Type


Patent Pending


It Takes Two


Sink Simplicity


Always Alert


No More Clumzy


Coffee Anyone?


Smart Space?




Smart Haircut!


Bad Memory


Pastry Chef



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