Live from the World Cup: 10/June/2014



Well folks, good news, the subway strike is off! But it might come back…

The international airport is outside of São Paulo and because of the strike, buses were full and just the line to catch a cab was taking 1h:20 (while a flight from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo only lasts 50 min.). If leaving the airport was an ordeal, getting to São Paulo required patience, a lot of patience: it took people anywhere from 2h:40 to 4 hours. Chilean tourists Carlos Soiza and Leonardo Escubar had a 6 hour wait before their flight to Cuiabá, where Chile will play, and wanted to visit São Paulo, but were convinced otherwise. They also wanted to know about the touristic places near the airport (none) and were very disappointed when they were told there was no beach here.

And the American team arrived in São Paulo yesterday. They are staying at the banking district near Paulista avenue. How do we know it is the American team? Simple, have a look:

Sem título2 Sem título


Meanwhile down South at the city of Porto Alegre, there is still a lot happening to finish Arena Beira Rio. The picture was taken yesterday:



Curious fact of the day: the Portuguese team has brought 200 kg of cod-fish.


Things a Brazilian soccer fan must absolutely have:


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