Live from the World Cup: 11/June/2014



One day left!

As language consultants focused on bilingual education, foreign language acquisition, language assessments and anything related with EFL, ELT, ESL, TEFL and TESL, is is somewhat sad for us to admit that English is not one of our stronger points. In our last and most extensive language acquisition research, we measured the proficiency of employees from multinational corporations and the average proficiency was of 44,4 (out of 100). If you want to bother and check out the research, click here, it is pretty interesting, or if you rather watch the video with a summary of the results, just click on the YouTube video at the end.

And thus it is that Google Translate comes in, a simple translation tool that quite often takes words too literally and out of context. Therefore, and sadly, from menus to signs, you’ll find the most horrendous (and funny) translation mistakes. Some of those on the Internet are fake, so I selected these ones that are actual real mistakes:

On the positive side (?), there have been some cool memes, and yes, the official language here is Portuguese, not Spanish:

As I mentioned in my previous post, our President(A) addressed the nation on national TV and radio today to avoid any negative reaction from the fans at the opening game should she try to make a speech. The speech was not well received by most Brazilians, all tied up to the fourth coming elections and very little about the WC itself… no comments…

Latest news: the Manaus Arena, in the state of Amazon, should host its first game in two days, but it is not ready and nobody has a clue if it will be completed. And if this were not enough, the lawn is in poor conditions. It seems that the match England vs. Italy should be quite a challenge.

Australian striker Ben Hallonran posted a photo of a spider that was next to the air-conditioning in his hotel room, in Vitória, Espírito Santo, and said he would not sleep because of the intruder. Cant’ blame the guy!








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