Live from the World Cup: 20/June/2014

Brazilian women are rarely seen a without a freshly painted manicure (usually in red or nude), but the more daring colors such as “mistress” or “I have never been a Saint” do not match the present party mood in view of the WC. The fashion colors are now “samba” (green), “caipirinha” (yellow), and “butterflies in my stomach” (blue). Prices range from U$ 15 (just one finger of each hand with a flag) to U$ 75 (including “shading”, whatever that means LOL). Note that these are really hand painted, and not stickers.

The process might seem messy. After the nails are soaked (much like they are anywhere), the technician cuts the cuticles with a special Brazilian clipper (sterilized, or you can take your own). Removing the cuticles (not just hangnails) is important in assuring that the nail bed is completely flat when applying the paint. And apply the paint they do — on the nails, and all the skin surrounding them. The technician then works backwards, wiping everything away with cotton dipped in nail polish remover until the lacquer was just on the nails. It might seem inefficient, but the seemingly careless process has a distinct purpose: slopping polish all over the fingers and toes guarantees that the whole entire nail bed gets painted, including the edges, which makes it last longer.


As for Brazilian men, the “Neymar” look is catching on, and not only for teens. Already a hit in Spain (where Neymar plays for Barcelona), it is becoming more and more popular in Brazil. The price ranges from U$ 40 to U$ 100. Fancy the look?

4 7


Need more accessories?

10 9


PS: When Brazil played against Mexico, the traffic jam in São Paulo was of 302 km. Yesterday, Uruguay vs. England ran smoothly, but it was a national holiday. Chaos is expected on Monday the 23rd where Brazil will play again and there will also be a game in the city. The Municipality tried to make it a holiday, but it was not approved.  (see here).

PPS: FIFA has confirmed that Joseph Blatter will be amongst those who will deliver the trophy to the WC winner, but there is no sign whether President(A) Dilma Rousseff will be there. President(A) Dilma did not declare the games open to avoid the booing from the crowd. Nonetheless, just her presence at the arena was enough for the fans to call her names (it also happened at other games). Blatter was not spared, either. In South Africa, the Cup was delivered by President Jacob Zuma. In 1998, the French President Jacques Chirac gave the trophy to the winning team, and before that, it was Vice-President’s Al Gore turn. FIFA was even considering top model Gisele Bündchen to carry the trophy into the field, but has just decided that a player will do it. Sigh…



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