Innocent English Mistakes From New English Language Students

Do you like this food?
I made it from scratching!

I never liked mushrooms, but now they are starting to grow in me.

Do you like your coffee cremated?

Tomorrow I will go to a wine and cheese cutting party.

Every morning I have some toast and a big glass of flute juice.

Did you have breakfast?
Yes. Now it is in my backpack.

My friends visited last night and we served a nice pig dinner.

My favorite food is crap cakes.

My mother is usually already cooked one or two hours before dinner.

A good lice cooker can keep your lice warm and eatable for two days.

My sister exploded in the microwave with a potato!

I think that if there is a beautiful waitress in one restaurant and a normal one in the second, and they both taste the same, most people will visit the first one.

Would you like a potato wedgie?

I usually worm up my food before I eat it.

My stomach is so crowded. I ate ten or twenty Buffalo wigs.
Would you like some?
No thanks. I just ate some chickens.

It took twenty minutes for the waiter to take my odor.

When my roommates ate my cook, they pretended it was delicious.

Are you hungry? I have dirty toes.
You have what?
Dirty toes. In my back pack.
Um, can you spell that?
Maybe D-O-R-I-T-O-S. Do you want to try one?
No thanks. I’m not so hungry right now.

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