BIRD GEI | Consultoria e Gestão de Idiomas has over 30 years of experience, it is BRIDGE ® Inglês Personalizado´s (est. in 1986) former business unit & strategic management consulting services – Project BIRD – who became an indepent company in 2010. Our goal is to provide the HR and all stakeholders an strategic vision of how to achieve more effective results in language acquisition through best practices and the rationalization of investments.

BIRD GEI’s solutions are divided into modules that can be implemened separately, according to the specific needs of each organization:

Gestao_icoStrategic Management [+]: implementing of magagement model for language, best practices, and develoment/revision of the language training policy

featuredimage_diagnosticos_ico.pngAssessment Solutions [+]: initial assessment and evolution of employees in training

BSC_icoBalanced Scorecard for Languages [+]: planning, management, and strategy performance management tool

featuredimage_coaching_icoCoaching [+]: analytical process of specific communication needs, and exchange of best practices

featuredimage_selecao_2Proficiency Selection Processes [+]: language proficiency assessments with an impartial view of the linguistic competence of candidates in selection processes

Edutain_icoEdutain [+] dynamic and updated content

Our History:


Our aim is to support the HR, and not to replace it. BIRD GEI does not interfere in training policies nor operations and decision making, because by doing so we would be taking away from HR its reason for being: the development of people. The focus of the partnership is not outsourcing, but rather to develop and provide, through our partnership with HR and all stakeholders, the management and development tools necessary to fulfill their mission more efficiently: adding value.

BIRD GEI respects the individuality of each company and its employees and we, therefore, exceed mass production towards the production of custom features and new forms of organization and operation. The entire project, from start up to final reports, is tailored to your business and with complete flexibility to meet your specific needs.

BIRD GEI is a pioneer in sharing best practices through articles published since 1992 and productivity research published annually since 2005.

ROI – Return On Investment
Our management models take into account strategic performance indicators that are focused on qualitative results which allow the assessment of the ROI – Return on Investment – of corporate co-sponsored language courses.

BSC-l Balanced Scoredcard for languages
BIRD GEI developed the first Balanced Scorecard for languages in Brazil. The BSC-l helps organizations to define the most critical points to achieve their vision and goals. In addition to being a key tool in strategic decision making, the BSC-l can be a great stimulus to direct the efforts of all stakeholders in implementing the strategy.

A BIRD GEI starts the development and integration of content in order to add value to our stakeholders. The content offered is current and dynamic and follows the “edutain” concept, or educate and entertain.