Strategic management is the way in which the organization “gives life” to their strategic planning in language T&D allowing, if necessary, adjustments and realignments to achieve their vision. BIRD GEI offers a complete solution package for strategic management in languages T&D. However, a good strategy is only as important as its execution. Our management models for the implementation of the strategy take into account performance and strategic indicators which are focused on results.

BIRD GEI can help your organization:

favicon_2 to determine the most appropriate strategic management model in accordance to your organizational culture

favicon_2 to develop or review standards and investment policies, incentives, procedures and goals

favicon_2 to develop your BSC-l, the Balanced Scorecard for languages

favicon_2 with support to the HR and all stakeholders

The exchange and transfer of knowledge, experiences and best practices will enable your company to acquire an strategic vision and expertise, available throughout the process.

favicon_2 Organizations end up setting aside professionals with significant expertise, but whi do not have the level of language proficiency required for their function.

favicon_2 The perception of a second, and even a third language, as an important development tool has also led some organizations to invest in resources that increase the effectiveness and return on investment in language acquisition.