More than just tests that only assess receptive skills, BIRD GEI‘s language diagnosis in English are 360º and assess the linguistic competence in all aspects, including productive skills, and in all contexts: personal, professional, cultural and social. The language diagnostic is performed through a series of on demand tests, at the company or remotely, both in Brazil and globally. The assessment provides safe, accurate, and unbiased language proficiency indicators.

Tests are developed by a multidisciplinary team under the concept “think globally, act locally”, which respects the unique cultural factors of Brazilian candidates.

Our tests are subject to stringent requirements as to the criteria of independence and clarity. Our examiners/consultants receive training and continuing education seminars in centralized and decentralized manner. All this care allows us to achieve a high degree of reliability and the margin of error – always present in any test – is maintained within very narrow acceptable limits .

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The structure applied to each evaluation is tailored and defined with input from the HR. Tests are performed on demand, at the company or remotely, and HR determines the media, place and dates.

Tests can be performed in different media: Internet, Intranet, print, face to face or remote.

In addition to the language assessment report, each candidate also receives a linguistic passport, and tools for personal development such as the E2B – Education to Business – manual and the Auto Assess.


BIRD GEI follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Language which has been adapted for Brazilian candidates.

Developed through a scientific research process, the “Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment” provides a practical tool to describe the levels of proficiency required by existing standard tests and examinations in order to facilitate comparison between different qualification systems to the international level.