BIRD GEI | Consultoria e Gestão de Idiomas is a language program management consultancy for companies with over 30 years of experience. Our goal is to provide HR and all stakeholders with a strategic vision of achieving more effective results in language acquisition through best practices and the rationalization of investments.

BIRD GEI’s solutions are divided into modules that can be implemened separately, according to the specific needs of each organization:

Strategic Management
BIRD GEI offers a complete solution for strategic management in language T&D. Our management models for the execution of the strategy take into account performance and strategic indicators, making the process qualitative and focused on results. Learn more [+]

Diagnosis and assessment solutions
Much more than just tests that assess receptive skills (grammar/vocabulary and comprehension), BIRD GEI’s English language diagnostics are 360º. We evaluate language competence in all aspects, including productive skills (writing and oral interview), and in all contexts: personal, professional, cultural, and social. Learn more [+]

Balanced Scorecard for Languages & ROI
BIRD GEI developed the first BSC-l – Balanced Scorecard for Languages – in the Brazilian market. The BSC-l is a performance measurement and management methodology and translates the training & development strategy by describing it into a set of objectives, goals, and result indicators, as well as defining the organization’s value proposition. Learn more [+]

Executive Coaching
Analytical process of specific communication needs, and exchange of best practices. Learn more [+]

Language Proficiency Selection Process
Language proficiency assessments with an impartial view of the linguistic competence of candidates in selection processes. Learn more [+]

BIRD GEI offers relevant and current resources and content through the “edutai” concept (educate + entertain). Learn more [+]