Companies that have already used Bird GEI’s solutions:


In 2021, the partnership between ‘Estadão’, one of Brazil’s largest newspapers, and the Cannes Lions festival completed 20 years. In a volatile world, long-term alliances need to be commemorated, showing that companies create a virtuous circle of evolution contributing to higher purposes when they are interested in each other. Therefore, we would like to highlight our partnership with BIRD GEI – Gestão Estratégia de Idiomas, particularly its managing partner Paulo P. Sanchez. Since the beginning of the collaboration between the ‘Estadão’ with Cannes Lions, he has personally dedicated himself to attending to the needs inherent to the project, from the translation of two press releases, Festival rules, press releases, and the translation of two winning trades.

Clélia Salgado, Strategies and Partnerships Coordinator at ESTADÃO

When we think of incentive or development initiatives for our coworkers, we always think of alternatives to measure the return on investment; because of this metric, we as HR manage to add value to our internal customers and our shareholders. Having this as a premise, we saw in BIRD GEI a sure partnership and have worked together since 2009.

Letusa Albuquerque Marangom, Head of HR at HAITONG

BIRD GEI is ahead of its time. And many companies, oddly enough, still have difficulties in understanding what it proposes. Companies need to measure return on investment more than just simply paying for language courses to employees. You can’t waste time, money, and energy with those who do not commit to the company. I recommend Bird Gei’s work to companies with serious HR for those who know the importance of investing in the team and demand results.

Lucia Faria, diretora Lucia Faria Comunicação Corporativa