We started our social media journey in 2010 by creating our blog. Today most language schools have a blog to disseminate content, but at that time, we were pioneers, even more so because BIRD GEI is not a language school.

We adopted the concept of “edutain,” or educate and entertain, and, over time, we expanded our horizons.

Content is the new currency of globalization, and BIRD GEI is in line with this trend. In addition to adding value to all those interested in language learning – students, HR managers, educators, and bilingual/language schools – the access to dynamic content is even more critical because our annual productivity surveys indicate that the average Brazilian student has little exposure to English in real situations and contexts in which the language is used.

Our blog has study tips, grammar and listening exercises, collocations, idioms, vocabulary, and research, among other topics divided into categories for easy navigation. You can access it directly through the link above and just one click for you to register and receive an email every time something new appears on the blog. Simple!

Our Youtube channel has 1.7 million hits, and we have more than 20,000 followers in other media.

What’s more, BIRD GEI also offers:

About different language development topics such as productivity and benchmarking.

In English, during breakfast, outdoors and even while hiking!