Adulthood does change your perpective on life

  I am at the beginning of my 50’s, that’s half a century, and I know that I am aging. I also notice that along the way, my habits have changed, for better or worse. I believe in aging with dignity, and above all, with a sense of humour: “as long as you can laugh… Read More

How Did These Fruits Get Their Names in English?

How Kiwifruits Got Their Name Kiwifruit were first found in the Chang Kiang Valley of China and as they spread to other parts of the world, they were called Chinese gooseberries. They were named ‘kiwifruit’ in the mid twentieth century. The new name refers to the furry covering that resembles the kiwi bird. Kiwifruits in… Read More

The cost of higher education at the world’s top universities

Higher education received abroad has always been a widely recognized standard, and students from all over the world are dreaming about it. These are the current costs (end of 2016) of studying (for international students) at the world’s top universities:  

60 years of teaching Math

10 basic problems that prevent education systems from regaining its former preeminence: 1. Parents are not involved enough. 2. Schools are closing left and right.  3. Schools are overcrowded. 4. Technology comes with its downsides. 5. There is a lack of diversity in gifted education. 6. School spending is stagnant, even in improving economies. 7.… Read More

Erro de “comunicação” causou destruição do Mars Orbiter

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Interesting facts about languages of the world

1. How many languages are there? It’s estimated that up to 7,000 different languages are spoken around the world. 90% of these languages are used by less than 100,000 people. Over a million people converse in 150-200 languages and 46 languages have just a single speaker! Languages are grouped into families that share a common… Read More