20 years/anos of/de partnership/parceria: Cannes Lions/Estadão/BIRD GEI

Estadão newspaper is the official representative of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in Brazil, and BIRD GEI | Consultoria e Gestão de Idiomas has had the honor of being the official translator for Estadão on all issues related to the Festival since 2001. The Cannes Lions is the largest gathering of professionals in marketing,… Read More

Origin of Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is now more than a decade old and was created as an online counterpoint to the brick-and-mortar-heavy Black Friday. In addition to giving online retailers a piece of the Thanksgiving weekend pie, it gives holiday deal-hunters a more convenient shopping option. It takes place on Nov. 29 in 2021. Whether Cyber Monday still… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on… Read More

Origin of Black Friday

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November), often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In recent years, most major retailers have opened very early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season, similar to Boxing Day sales in many… Read More

Where did the meme ‘Karen’ come from?

Dictionary.com defines Karen as a slang for: a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviors. As featured in memes, Karen is generally stereotyped as having a blonde bob haircut, asking to speak to retail and restaurant… Read More

O que é uma ‘Karen’: novo personagem no debate racial dos Estados Unidos?

O que é uma ‘Karen’, novo personagem no debate racial dos Estados Unidos? Antes de mais nada: este post não tem a intenção de polemizar, mas sim de informar. “Karen” é uma gíria pejorativa para designar uma mulher branca de meia-idade desagradável, irritada e muitas vezes racista que usa seu privilégio para conseguir o que… Read More

Foreign language learners should be exposed to slang in the classroom and here’s why…

Summary: Experts say English slang and regional dialect should not be banned from classrooms but when you’re getting to grips with a second language how helpful is it to learn non-standard lingo? Very, says Sascha Stollhans, of the Department of Languages and Cultures at Lancaster University, who argues that standardised language norms are artificial and… Read More

Os alunos de línguas estrangeiras devem ser expostos a gírias na sala de aula e aqui está o motivo…

Resumo: Os especialistas dizem que as gírias no idioma ingles e os dialetos regionais não devem ser banidos das salas de aula, mas quando você está começando a se familiarizar com um segundo idioma, o quão útil é aprender um jargão diferente do padrão? Muito, diz Sascha Stollhans, do Departamento de Línguas e Culturas da… Read More

Woof Woof: Dog Barks in Different Languages

Woof is the conventional representation in the English language of the barking of a dog. As with other examples of onomatopoeia or imitative sounds, other cultures “hear” the dog’s barks differently and represent them in their own ways. Some of the equivalents of “woof” in other European and Asian languages are as follows: English –… Read More

Cursos de idioma online têm a mesma eficácia dos presenciais?

2021 trouxe profundas mudanças para o aprendizado de idiomas, especialmente no formato dos cursos que passaram de presencial para online, em decorrência da Covid 19. Mas afinal, quais resultados iremos colher? Os cursos de idioma online têm a mesma eficácia dos presenciais?  Essas tem sido as perguntas mais recorrentes entre alunos e pessoal de Rh.… Read More