What is beauty? Before and after.

What is your definition of beauty? Despite the universal standard, beauty still varies within different cultures throughout the world. And to find out what it means to be beautiful in each corner of the planet, American journalist and photographer Esther Honig decided to transform herself. In her project “Before and After”, she sent a picture… Read More

Confusing words: Thank or Thanks God it’s Friday?

“Thank God” is actually a shortened version of “Thanks be to God” which means that you are telling the others (your friends or whoever) that you are thankful to God. “Thank God” is in the same way as “Praise God”. “Thank God” is also correct because you are using “Thank” as a verb I (we)… Read More

Confusing words: into, in to, onto, on to, unto

          “On to” is similar to “in to”: “on” is an adverb and “to” is a preposition. It often appears in idiomatic and casual expressions:   Lastly, “unto” is an old, now rarely used, preposition that can basically be replaced by “to” or “until.” One of the most famous sentences that uses unto is what is commonly known… Read More

Woof Woof: Dog Barks in Different Languages

Woof is the conventional representation in the English language of the barking of a dog. As with other examples of onomatopoeia or imitative sounds, other cultures “hear” the dog’s barks differently and represent them in their own ways. Some of the equivalents of “woof” in other European and Asian languages are as follows: English –… Read More

Em que idioma faríamos o primeiro contato?

“Tudo o que um homem pode imaginar, outros homens poderão realizar”, Jules Verne. Quem de nós, amantes do seriado Star Trek, diria que um dia a ficção se tornaria realidade? E aí estão as tecnologias que um dia nos encantaram nas mãos dos personagens de Jornada nas Estrelas, mais presentes do que nunca em nossa… Read More

Na hora de aprender um idioma: será que os homens são de Marte e as mulheres de Vênus?

As mulheres aprendem idiomas de forma diferente? Será que elas são melhores do que os homens no aprendizado? É perigoso proclamar qualquer característica como sendo radicalmente masculina ou feminina, mas será que há alguma verdade por trás dessa teoria? Quando se trata de educação, as mulheres certamente têm recuperado terreno perdido: atualmente superam os homens… Read More