Funny Tik Tok Captions? Typos vs. Misspelling

With the exception of social media professionals and academic journalists, the majority of what is written by the general public on social media is not edited, supervised or checked to ensure that proper use of the English language is taken into consideration. That being said, the number of typos and mistakes might lead to undesireble reactions,… Read More

Confusing words: mugwump

Origin: The Mugwumps were Republican political activists who bolted from the United States Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the United States presidential election of 1884. Theyswitched parties because they rejected the financial corruption associated with Republican candidate James G. Blaine. In a close election, the Mugwumps supposedly made the difference in… Read More

Confusing words: Words With No Plural Forms

Many students who are learning English are very surprised to learn that the words information, knowledge, and jewelry have no plural forms. These are called uncountable noums:   Here is my list so far: accommodation advice baggage bread bravery chaos clarity courage cowardice equipment education evidence furniture garbage greed homework honesty information jewelry knowledge livestock luggage… Read More