Halloween Is Back for 2021! Spending, Sales, Stats, and Trends! Stay Safe!

From bans on trick or treating to curfews, Halloween 2020 was far from normal. This year, despite the pandemic, the season is looking a little less scary and trick or treating is definitely on the table, according to experts.

The hallowed tradition in the time of coronavirus might mean wearing a mask, resisting the urge to eat your candy straightaway and skipping haunted houses. But the celebrations will mostly go on, much to parents’ relief, with large events.

While the festivities take place outdoors, trick or treaters and distributors of candy are encouraged to wear masks when making the sweet exchange.

Health officials have other advice for celebrating the holiday this year:

  • Stick to outdoor activities — Go to a haunted corn maze rather than a haunted house.
  • Limit exposure — Do not use Halloween as an opportunity to widen your social circle. Stick with the people you’ve been socializing with and have been around.
  • Wash before wear — If you plan to wear your costume multiple times on different days, disinfect your mask before wearing it.
  • Map it out — For older kids who want to trick or treat without parental supervision, perhaps make a map to track with whom they’re interacting.


Source: https://www.theshelf.com/the-blog/halloween-infographic/


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